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20th International Cast Iron Symposium

Submitted by signe on Thu, 04/04/2024 - 12:25

The 20th International Cast Iron Art Symposium will be held from 2nd until 10th of August, 2024 at the Residency and workshop center SERDE in Aizpute, Latvia. During the symposium artists are expected to take part in the whole casting process and be able to work independently to create their models and casting molds. Iron casting process will be open to the general public and all interested audience during the symposium days at SERDE and at night of cast iron show by the Tebra riverside on 9th of August in Aizpute.

Preliminary program:

August 2  arrival until 19.00, excursion.

August 3 to 8 preparing models, molds and the casting kiln, some excursions around local places.

August 9 transporting moulds, materials and kiln to the casting place. Sculpture casting!

August 10 Summarising results and closing event.


Available technologies:

Testing different sand moulds (max. sculpture weight 30 kg):

Boiled linseed oil  - sand moulds

Cement - sand moulds

Green sand mould

CO hardened sand moulds

Ceramic shell molds for wax models (wax model max. weight 200 grams)


The symposium takes place in a cozy, non industrial environment and it is oriented towards experiments and learning new experiences.


Cost of participation 500 EUR, includes accommodation at SERDES rezidencies centre (shared rooms), catering and materials.


Short video from 18th Cast Iron Symposium:


It is advisable to present your idea before the symposium and coordinate the available technologies and scope of work with the organiser Kārlis Alainis via email


Any other questions regarding the workshop contact us at



More info about SERDE:



Event is supported by State Culture Capital Foundation.