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Since 2002 SERDE has developed the public workshop centre with technical equipment for experimental and innovative projects, and offers residencies for local and international artists, culture workers, activists, managers and scientists.

SERDE residencies photo gallery


SERDE has 3 different workshop studios:

1. Clasical black and white photography laboratory (pinhole, all sizes photo negatives),

2. Ceramic art studio,

3. Mixed material studio for work with metal, wood, plastic etc.,


If specific tools are required by residents, they have to bring them themselves.

SERDE has conference room for meetings, seminars and presentations. Conference room is easy to transform for working space.

Residents work and live in the same building. SERDE centre has 8 rooms, each room has 2 beds but it is easy to transform to single room. Few rooms is possible to transform to family apartments and add an extra bed. For short term residencies, meetings, seminars we have possibilities to host up to 20 people.

The resident shares the studios, kitchen, and bathroom. Bedrooms are supplied with beds, mattresses, bed linen, blankets, and towels.

During the residencies for additional cost we offer a certain amount of professional assistance for creation of work, technical help and consultations. This has to be discussed and negotiated before the residency. At the end of residence we offer our technical equipment and premises for a concluding exhibition or presentation in Aizpute.

SERDE residencies program is open for residents from 1st of May until 1st of October

To apply for residencies you have to send the project proposal (max A4; idea and technical specification), CV and 5 examples of previous works (photos, videos, links) to e-mail


The residencies and workshops centre price list 2023:

1 day 2 – 7 days
(price for 1 day)
2 – 3 weeks
(price for 1 day)
1 month and more
(price for 1 day)
Studio* 25-50 Euro 20-50 Euro 15-40 Euro 10-35 Euro
Single room 25 Euro 25 Euro 20 Euro 15 Euro
Double room
(price per 1 person in  room)
25 Euro 20 Euro 15 Euro 10 Euro
Triple room
(price per 1 person in room)
20 Euro 15 Euro 10 Euro 10 Euro
Family room 50 Euro 40 Euro 30 Euro 20 Euro


* Price for studio depends on specific of proposed project.

Materials and transportation is not included! You can order them for additional price.

Guided tours in SERDE - 4 EUR per person

Guided tours in town 30 EUR per hour.



During the summer season for groups from 5 - 15 people Serde offer workshops and demonstrations on:

  • ceramic,
  • natural herbal tea gathering and preparation,
  • beer making,
  • vodka making.


To apply for classes, please contant us at least month before your planned visit:

smg.serde [@] or phone +371 29817180