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MB Photo Laboratory is fully equiped for work with classical black and white photography.

Some photos of laboratory technical specifics:

Durst Laborator 1200 ar dihroisko krāsu galvu un 6x6cm gaismas šahtu, izkliedēta gaisma 6x6 neg kopēšanai ar dihroisko filtrēšanas metodi. Negatīvu turētājs Durst Femoneg (abpusēji stikli).
+ Barošanas bloks Durst EST 500A 220/240 => 24
+ Rodenstock Rodagon 1:4 f=80 No 10886234


Magnifax 4
220v E27 "opal" LED Oriģinālā 3 lēcu kondensoru sistēma, papildus matstikls, OEM negatīvu turētājs ar 1 pretrefleksu stiklu. Preflash f11 14sec Ilford MG, papildfiltrs Ilford MG #0.
+ Oriģinālais M39 objektīvu turētājs, Meopta Belar 4,5/55 No 30738 ar pārejas gredzenu uz 39mm


Magnifax 3
OEM komplektācija, "opal" LED. Vispārējai nekritiskai lietošanai negatīviem līdz 6x6.
+ Objektīvs Meopta Anaret 4,5/80 No 57967, OEM vītne
+ Objektīvs Meopta Belar 4,5/50 No 28106, OEM vītne

Meopta Magnitarus 13x18 Typ 74201 No 67584 220v E27 LED 8W
OEM kondensors, OEM frēzēta koka negatīvu (stikla) turētāji 13x18cm, 4"x5", 9x12cm, 6x9cm
+ Objektīvu turētājs SP uz M39
+ Ojektīvs Rodenstock APO Gerogon 1:9/150 No 10578210
+ Meopta Meopar 4,5/210 No 3623 OEM vītne

Azov – A (avtomat)
Azov šasija ar vadības bloku un elektromoru. 12V, lielais kondensoru bloks + oriģinālā papildlēca, OEM negatīvu turētājs, šobrīd 6x6 stikls + bezstikla piespiedējs. 35mm (24x36, 24x60) negatīviem ar virzītu vai punkta gaismu.
+ Azov objektīvu turētājs "dziļais" + Vega 11y 2.8/50 No 884533
+ Azov objektīvu turētājs "dziļais" + 39mm starpgredzens + Industar 90y 4/75 No 852478


Azov – PA (poluavtomat)
Azov šasija 220v, halogēns ar oriģinālo matstikla filtru, lielais kondensoru bloks, standarta kadru rāmis, 6cm negatīviem ar virzītu vai punkta gaismu.
+ Azov objektīvu turētājs "seklais" speciāli pārtaisīts īsākam darba attālumam + objektīvs Meopta Anaret 4,5/105 No 76467



Žāvēšanas iekārtas: klasiskais APSO–5, "modernais" APSO–7, sietu plaukti


Pinhole photography workshop

SERDE is holding a pinhole photography workshop led by Marcis Bendiks, one of Latvia’s most experienced photographers and a black and white master. The two-day workshop will take students through some of the theory relating to photography in general and to pinhole cameras specifically, as well as covering the practical side of building a pinhole camera. Participants will then design and build their own cameras and develop the prints they take.

Pinhole photography is a challenging and interesting area of photography. It forces even experienced photographers to think again about what photography is and what it means to them. The methods of pinhole photography are unusual and the equipment strange, but even for first-time pinhole photographers it can provide unexpected and beautiful results. Pinhole cameras are home made and so the process of photography involves not only taking photographs, but also the process
of building the camera.

Participation fee in the workshop is 70 EUR and includes all materials and accommodation 2 nights. (SERDE can provide a letter confirming your attendance to help with travel or other funding applications.) The accommodation will be in shared rooms at SERDE, two people per room. As this is an international call, the language of the workshop will be English.

This is an intermediate level analogue workshop involving some darkroom activity. Participants must have a background in photography, analogue or digital, replica watches so that basic and intermediate terms are understood. Participants will be developing their own prints under supervision of the workshop leader so some darkroom experience is desirable.

Apply by writing to
If you have any questions contact us You can also send samples of your photographs, especially if you have developed them yourself, or links to websites.


Photo documentation of previous pinhole workshop