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SERDE: M4M - m for mobility

Submitted by signe on Sun, 01/13/2013 - 17:46

M4m – M for mobility – is an international project based on cooperation of seven partners from six countries of the European Union and a number of associated partners. At the heart of the project M4m are 30 interdisciplinary artistic residencies involving as much as 130 artists and people working in the cultural field from the European Union as well as non-European countries, all of that within the period of 2 years. During the creative processes, residents will not only encounter local artists and representatives of culture but also the local public. Therefore, a precious intercultural dialogue is launched, expanding the scale of artists' possibilities. It is this dialogue that lies at the core of the project M4m.


The theme of residences for M4m project in SERDE in year 2012 was: "Ethnobotany, Gardening and Society". There were selected fallowing artists and researchers to develop a project in relation with the mentioned theme: Kati Hyyppa, Ramyah Gowrishankar, Joanes Simon-Perret, Tiago Patricio, Gwenn-Ael Lynn, Gitte Bog, Daniel Allen.


Documentation  about artists work in residences here

Tiago Patricio (PT) and Gwen-Ael Lynn (FR)

Gitte Bog (DK)

Kati Hyyppa, Ramyah Gowrishankar (FI)


The project also includes thematic workshops that foster direct encounters and exchange of know-how between participants from different countries, cultures, and artistic domains.


The interdisciplinary art group SERDE held 2 workshops:



24.-26.05.2012, Interdisciplinary Art Centre SERDE, Atmodas iela 9, Aizpute

The event brought together persons from various disciplines--arts, design, science, heritage--to share and

explore practice and methods of ‘doing it with others’ (D.I.W.O.), as well as collaborative documentation and representational strategies including online platforms (for example Etherpad, Google Picasa, Booki). More about seminar-workshop



12.-14.04.2013, Interdisciplinary Art Centre SERDE, Atmodas iela 9, Aizpute

SERDE was holding a pinhole photography workshop led by Marcis Bendiks, one of Latvia’s most experienced photographers patek philippe replica watches and a black and white master. The three-day workshop took participants through some of the theory relating to photography in general and to pinhole cameras specifically, patek philippe replica watches as well as covering the practical side of building a pinhole camera. Participants designed and built their own cameras and developed the prints they take.

More about workshop here


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