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SERDE at Festival Belluard Bollwerk international (Fribourg, Switzerland)

Belluard Bollwerk International is an arts festival that, since 1983, takes place every year during ten days and announces the summer in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Belluard Bollwerk International takes a special position in the Swiss and European festival landscape through its qualitative, pointed program, its scale, unique location and inviting, convivial atmosphere.
Belluard Bollwerk International presents projects from the fields of theatre, dance, performance, music, visual arts, video, music en related art forms – in conventionalorunexpected places, inside or in the public space. The festival offers discussions on a high level, and encourages reflection and cross thinking.
Belluard Bollwerk International is a multilingual festival, in a city on the crossroads of the German and French speaking part of Switzerland. It brings together artists from inlandand abroad. It confronts local with international art practices and puts Fribourg in the centre of a global art context.


Transdisciplinary arts, ethnography and cultural heritage

International seminar-workshop brings together persons from various disciplines--arts, design, science, heritage--to share and explore practice and methods ofdoing it with others(D.I.W.O.), as well as collaborative documentation and representational strategies including online platforms (for example Etherpad, Google Picasa, Booki).

Each invited participant was asked to prepare a short presentation, and also if they wish also, to propose a practical sharing session (1-2 hrs, demonstration of practice, ideally participatory and not so formal, inviting others present to be involved in practice). So among our suggestions include: fermentation and energy processes; rocket-stove from tin-cans; mini-museum building; and starting a food-club.


SERDE at Inter-format symposium in Nida Art Colony (Nida, Lithuania)

The symposium is a part of a project of the Baltic-Nordic Network of Remote Art & Residency Centers; however, it is open to participants from all over the world. Through the symposium we hope to build a network of remotely located centers, and learn different approaches to these unique places. For more information, and to see the other participating partners, please visit the project blog at

The symposium is a 3-day-long event (May 17-20). The contributors are invited to share their experiences working and living in remotely located art & residency centers as directors and cultural managers, and as practicing artists and participants.



SERDE at SUPERMARKET (Stockholm, Sweden

SUPERMARKET is an international art fair created and managed by artists.

Artist-run galleries and similar artists' initiatives exhibit the latest tendencies in art. The focus is on the meeting between audience, art and artists from around the world as much as the exhibition itself.

SUPERMARKET 2012 17–19 February