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SERDE's field works and expeditions focusing on local knowledge and traditions which have been held by older generations and cultures in the past, the contemporary local audience gains a re-awakened awareness about it's own area. In the process, working also within contemporary art and technology processes, SERDE offer educational introductions and encounters with artists and cultural workers to reinvigorate local knowledge and understanding. SERDES's creative and innovative approach to cultural heritage work was recognised with the Latvian Folklore Grand Prize in 2007.


SERDE has organized expeditions and field works in Aizpute, Jūrkalne, Skrunda, Sieksāte, Kazdanga, Alsunga, Riebiņi, Sigulda, Krimulda etc.

On June 2010 in Aizpute and Alsunga SERDE coordinated the 1st international expedition - hosted and invited an international and interdisciplinary group of guests to build upon their experience of engaging cultural heritage subjects as an arts organisation. SERDE organised a series of fieldwork excursions to learn about the contemporary practices and cultural heritage related to the use of wild plants, and a temporary media/transcription lab to process the documentations. Participants include guests from Latvia, Lithuania, various places in Finland, Southern Sweden, Poland, Spain and Belgium. More:


The results of researches are published in the series  of "Exercise-Book of Traditions" of SERDE:

„Brandava gatavošana Viduskurzemē” Vodka making (2007) (LV)

„Aizputnieku stāsti par ebrejiem” Stories about jews in Aizpute (2008) (LV)

„Alus gatavošana” Beer brewing (2009) (LV)

„Suitu stāsti” Suitu stories (2009) (LV)

„Baškīrijas siguldiešu stāsti” (2010) (LV)

„Rībeņu nūvoda stuosti 1” (2010) (LV)

„Rībeņu nūvoda stuosti 2” (2010) (RU)

"Vācēju kultūra Viduskurzemē/ Foraging in Central Kurzeme"(2010) (LV/EN)

"Tautas Aptieka" Folk pharmacy (2011) (LV)