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9th International Workshop on Wood Restoration

Submitted by signe on Wed, 12/28/2022 - 22:56

We invite to participate the owners of old buildings or anyone who wants to supplement their knowledge in the gentle and environmentally friendly building renovation and maintenance which can be later used in their practice or home.

The restoration will be carried out using traditional techniques and natural materials. The works will lead experienced craftsmen (Jānis Tolpežnikovs, Juris Pavlovs). You can participate without previous knowledge.

The building complex at Atmodas Street 9 in Aizpute, Latvia has been restored and maintained in a planned and gentle manner since 2002. The building complex is an architectural monument of national significance, in which the restoration works have been carried out since the 1st International Restoration Workshop in 2014 (21 windows, 2 doors, the facade of Atmodas Street, part of the fachwerk construction of the warehouse building, the entrance ramp and the basement have been restored during the workshops), but there is still a lot of work to be done and each of them is an important step in renovating and passing on the building to future generations.

In Latvia, there are few such publicly accessible, open objects in the process of practical restoration work, but public interest restoration work is growing.



Participation fee 50€.
Accommodation possible at SERDE if necessary.


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