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The Interdisciplinary Art Group SERDE is a non-governmental organization, which seeks to develop the regional and international collaboration between different cultural fields, organizations and professionals. SERDE’s activities create dialogue between arts, science and education, which includes organizing residencies, workshops, expeditions and publishing thematic notebooks, among other things.

In 2016 SERDE was accredited by the UNESCO General Assembly of the States Parties to the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to provide advisory services to the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage.


The Residency and workshop centre SERDE was founded in Aizpute during 2002 as a platform for international and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Our aim is to encourage professional's creative development and long-term cooperation through participation in residency programmes.

The residencies centre is located in the historical centre of Aizpute (~180 km from capital city Riga, 30 km from Baltic sea-coast) and the building complex is unique example of wooden and red bricks architecture in Latvia built on 18th century.

The residency centre offers good facilities for creative work and rest. During the residence the guest is welcome to give a presentation or lecture for professionals and local audience.



The residencies program coordinators team :

Signe Pucena - researcher of traditional culture and culture projects manager,

Ugis Pucens - artist, restaurateur and producer of art and culture symposiums, festivals and exhibitions,

Ance Ausmane - asistant


Members and collaborators:

Ieva Vītola - researcher of traditional culture; co-producer of expeditions and publications

Jānis Zvirgzds Zvirgzdiņš - sculptor

Mārcis Bendiks - photographer; producer black and white photo laboratory

Jānis Tolpežņikovs - restorer; leader of public restoration workshops

Kārlis Alainis - sculptor; producer of international cast iron symposium

Maris Grosbahs - artist and curator.




State Culture Capital Foundation

  • Culture and art projects
  • The restauration of house complex on Atmodas street 9, Aizpute

Kulturkontakt Nord

  • Residencies program
  • Culture and art projects

EU program Culture 2000

  • Culture and art projects

City Council of Aizpute

  • The restauration of house complex on Atmodas street 9, Aizpute
  • Culture and art projects

City Council of Roja

  • Annual symposium ROJA-RAKU

City Council of Riga

  • Culture and art projects

Latvian Foundation/USA

  • Reconstruction of Traditional ceramic kiln of Kurland
  • Festival POTTERY

The Culture department of Liepaja city

  • Culture and art projects



The New Media centre RIXC

Latvian Centre for Contemporary art

Culture Management Centre Lauska

New Theatre Institute of Lavia

The Art Academy of Latvia

Nida art colony

Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

Centre for Art and Social Practice MoKS

Sanna Culture Manor


Art and Nature Center Mustarinda http://mustarinda.f



Les Pepinieres

Tanec Praha