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Books published in English in the SERDEs serie of "A Notebook of Traditions"


Stories of the Forbidden Zone

Stories of the Forbidden Zone is the expedition, which was organized in collaboration with Aizpute youngsters from Idea House.The main object of research was specific stories and context of the people who lived at the western coast of Latvia, near the Baltic Sea during the Soviet period. In Soviet times (1944-1990) in the territory of the forbidden zone there were several military bases and frontier surveillance posts. The territory of the forbidden zone, the dune area was regularly ploughed; the local inhabitants weren't allowed to go fishing in the sea. For example, sunbathing, swimming and gathering ambers or sea manure was only allowed in a specific area at specific times. If anyone was caught in the forbidden territory of the beach or at the wrong time, then he or she was taken by the border guards and punished. During the expedition local people's memories, which reveal many abandoned secrets, were collected encouraging to remember and get acquainted with Soviet time evidence in Kurzeme seaside.

Price for English version: 10,00 euro per copy, includes international postage for one booklet.

Narratives about the Jews of Aizpute: Notebook of traditions

The narratives which are included in this 80-page booklet were recorded as part of a project implemented in 2005-2006, when interviews were conducted with people who were living at the time when the Jewish community of Aizpute, Latvia still existed. These testimonies reflect the observations and attitudes of local inhabitants toward the Jewish community and its lifestyle and traditions, and describe the genocide by which it was destroyed. For the English version, a translator’s foreword rolex replica watches and historical overview have been added so the reader, who may not be aware of the history of this small country, is able to understand the context in which all these events happened.

Price for English version: 10,00 euro per copy, includes international postage for one booklet.

The Pig Funeral

This publication contains collected oral testimonies about a unique part of Latvian non-material cultural heritage – The Pig Funeral. This is a tradition associated both with specific experientially gained knowledge about the slaughter and processing of domestic animals, as well as with the traditional cuisine related to this event – the preparation of various meat dishes, including a special feast in honour of the pig and its slaughterers.

Price for English version: 10,00 euro per copy, includes international postage for one booklet.

Foraging in Central Kurzeme

This booklet is a result of herbology expeditionin in Kurzeme region of Latvia about traditions and knowledge of herbs, edible and medical plants, which are found in nature - fields , forests, swamps etc.


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