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MB Photo Laboratory is fully equiped for work with classical black and white photography. Full description see here.



Possible dates on 2017

May 26-28; June 16-18; August 4-6; August 18-20; September 15-17


SERDE is holding a pinhole photography workshop led by Marcis Bendiks, one of Latvia’s most experienced photographers and a black and white master. The two-day workshop will take students through some of the theory relating to photography in general and to pinhole cameras specifically, as well as covering the practical side of building a pinhole camera. Participants will then design and build their own cameras and develop the prints they take.

Pinhole photography is a challenging and interesting area of photography. It forces even experienced photographers to think again about what photography is and what it means to them. The methods of pinhole photography are unusual and the equipment strange, but even for first-time pinhole photographers it can provide unexpected and beautiful results. Pinhole cameras are home made and so the process of photography involves not only taking photographs, but also the process
of building the camera.

Participation fee in the workshop is 70 EUR and includes all materials and accommodation 2 nights. (SERDE can provide a letter confirming your attendance to help with travel or other funding applications.) The accommodation will be in shared rooms at SERDE, two people per room. As this is an international call, the language of the workshop will be English.

This is an intermediate level analogue workshop involving some darkroom activity. Participants must have a background in photography, analogue or digital, so that basic and intermediate terms are understood. Participants will be developing their own prints under supervision of the workshop leader so some darkroom experience is desirable.

Here you can find the application form.
If you have any questions contact us You can also send samples of your photographs, especially if you have developed them yourself, or links to websites.

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